Is this what ADHD feels like?

I ended up with a bad cold that I didn’t take care , which resulted in needing to take steroids and nebulizer treatments to help my lungs open up. If you have never taken largen doses of Prednisone, combined with an Albuterol nebulizer treatment you cannot understand the impact this has on your brain. My brain was racing so fast, and unable to focus on anything longer than a tweet.

I can only imagine this must be what it is like to be a child with ADHD, completely unable to focus on anything for longer than 30 seconds. It is a fight within yourself, trying and wishing to pay attention to what’s going on around you, be able to listen and respond to a conversation, read a book, or even focus on a great show like House of Cards. None of those things are possible when your brain is racing.

They are tapering my Prednisone, which means the dose is being lowered every couple of days until eventually I will no longer be taking it. I am still doing Albuterol breathing treatments every 8 hours. This causes my body to have extra energy, which I tend to release by shaking my foot. If I was a student asked to sit still in a seat for 50 minutes, while at the same time paying attention to the lesson, read the text, and respond to questions, it would be impossible.

I know the side effects from my medications will go away, and I will get back to my familar self. However, what of the children who have know no other way for their brain to function? What of the children that have so much extra energy they cannot sit still? What type of teacher do they need to be successful? What type of lessons do they need? How can we help students to be their best self, when they are not fully in control of the way their brain works or their body moves?


Last Stop on Market Street by Matt De La Pena


What a great picture book! I loved how the grandmother reframed the negative things her grandson said to make them into a positive. It reminds me of the way I speak to my daughters, helping them to see the positive in a situation they do not think is so fabulous.

This book also shows that picture books are not just for primary school age children. They can be read and enjoyed by any age of person. Teachers can also use this book in their class to teach empathy, and reframing of situations.

Reading is POWER

I am passionate about reading, because it will take you anywhere you want to go. The ability to read and understand will open doors to your future, take you places you have never been, and make you able to fully particpate in your life. Can you tell how important I believe reading is? Unfortunately, too many people, of all ages, do not read. This has to change, and that is why I have started this blog.

EXCUSE #1 – “There is nothing good to read”

  • The excuse “there is nothing good to read” does not count. There are amazing books out there, for all ages. On this blog, I will recommend books for all ages, infant – adult. There are also so many different genres out there, that makes this a bad excuse. I promis there is something for YOU!

EXCUSE #2 – “I don’t have time to read”

  • Another bad excuse, there is always time to read. Take a book with you everywhere you go. You will find you have more time than you think. It may not be as much time as you like, but once you find a book you enjoy reading, you will MAKE the time!

EXCUSE #3 – “Reading is boring”

  • This is so very wrong. Reading is exciting. You can experience EVERYTHING by reading. Do you want to go back in time, or how about traveling to the future? It’s possible through reading. Have you wondered what it would be like to solve a crime, just like a detective? You can do it through reading! How about touring Europe like a local? Let the book be your guide! Anything you are interested in can be found in a book. Close your eyes, what is the first thing you think of doing or learning about? Now go find a book about that thing! I promise, it is possible!

I can’t wait to share the power of reading with you, and learning how reading has impacted your life. Please share you favorite books with me, I can’t wait to expand my to be read pile.